BuzzPerl 0.3 released

BuzzPerl 0.3 has been released and is available for download at Sourceforge. BuzzPerl is a Perl module used to read, write, and manipulate Jeskola Buzz files from Perl. (Jeskola Buzz is a high quality free modular music sequencer and synthesizer software for Win32.) Intended use is for algorithmic music composition, but could be used by anyone who wants to compose music from Perl.


I've created galleries of photos (taken by Kim and I) suitably sized for desktop wallpapers (1024 x 768). Enjoy. Animals Wallpapers Chicago Wallpapers Plants and Landscapes Wallpapers Skies Wallpapers Other…

Do It Yourself Laser Light Show

Bryan was telling us over dinner how in school his science teacher setup a laser light show. Bryan has a laser level, so we decided to do it. The concept is so simple. Basically, the idea to put a mirror on a large speaker and bounce a laser off the mirror onto a wall. Playing music through the speaker causes the mirror to bounce around.

LaserJet Maintenence

A friend, Greg, gave me a LaserJet 5L Xtra that he found, either at a Thrift shop or in the trash. (He has piles of technology- he has a special skill at finding this stuff.) He told me it was having some problems: the large paper tray didn’t work, I’d have to use the single sheet feeder; it jammed sometimes; but I hoped I could fix it up. If I could, I knew it would be better then my PITA inkjet. Well, it took a little work but I did fix those problems.