Geek List of Movies

How many of these have you seen?

Seeing a “Geek Movies” list on Facebook inspired me to make this list of movies. I’d say its my geek list of movies. Not the best movies ever made. Not the best science fiction either. Not even a list of all the movies I’ve seen or plan on seeing. Some I don’t even like. Just that I think they in some way have Geek Cachet. Let’s just call it a Geek List of Movies.

(x) 12 Monkeys
(x) 1984
(x) 2001
( ) 2010
(x) 28 Days Later
(x) 28 Weeks Later
(x) A Scanner Darkly
(x) A.I. Artificial Intelligence
(x) Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
(x) Aeon Flux
(x) Akira
(x) Alien
( ) Alien 3
(x) Alien Resurrection
(x) Aliens
(x) Altered States
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