Plot Keyword Oracle – Abulafia Random Generators

dice_public_domain.JPGI am obsessed with Random Generators, and have been for awhile. I like the idea that a program with some algorithms and data can create something (seemingly) new. Like the Postmodern Essay Generator or the Random Slashdot Story Generator or a Random Haiku Generator.
I’ve wanted to use generators as inspiration for writing and have found the Plot Keyword Oracle at Abulafia Random Generators. Albulafia is a wiki that allows you to pretty easily create random text generators. A lot of it is geared towards Role playing games (a la Dungeons and Dragons), but I lot of it will work as inspiration for writers of all kinds. For the Plot Keyword Oracle, Robert Donoghue extracted 32,000 keywords from the Internet Movie Database and the Plot Keyword Oracle presents you with 10 keywords randomly pulled from the list. For example in one run I got:

  1. Collection Agent
  2. Homing Device
  3. Wedding Industry
  4. Nuclear Winter
  5. Martin Luther King
  6. Pool Hustler
  7. Urban Planning
  8. Deputy Dawg
  9. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  10. Dresden Germany

Wow! That would be one hell of a story!