More about bees disappearing

More theories on why bees are disappearing from North America and Europe. 60% gone from the USA west coast, 70% from the east coast. This was first noticed last year. No one really knows yet what is causing CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), but mobile phones are a suggested cause, also genetically modified crops, pesticides and more. Interesting fact sheet here, says that “Bees are very important to US agriculture because they pollinate about 1/3 of our crops“. According to this April 4th article in Truthout, “Research is only beginning and hard data is still lacking, but beekeepers suspect everything from a new virus or parasite to pesticides and genetically modified crops. Scientists have hastily established a CCD working group at Pennsylvania State University. Last week, the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Agriculture held hearings on the missing bees.

How I fixed Kim’s iPod

I thought Kim‘s iPod was history. When she would turn it on, the disk would try to spin up, whir whir, but after 4 attempts, it displayed the sad iPod icon and then shut down. Bummer. It was long out of warrantee. None of Apple’s website troubleshooting steps worked. Based on the disk failure, I knew the disk was dead, but we could buy a new one online somewhere. BUT. BUT. Kim said c’mon, open it up and see what you can do? I thought, What can I do? Nothing, the disk is dead, I can’t give CPR to a dead disk, forget about it. Then she told me about some kid, a son of a friend of a friend, who would fix any iPod for $20. I scoffed. However what do I have to lose, it’s already not working, I can’t make it any worse.

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