Creating music on Android

Lately, I’ve been looking into music composition apps on the Android. I’ve found a few that I like. Electrum is a straight-forward drum machine. I like that it is very similar to typical drum machine programming, so if you are familiar with that, then it will be easy to pick up. It comes with some built-in drum sounds, lets you download some, or add your own. Reactable (see screenshot to the left) is a fairly experimental composition tool High learning curve. You connect samplers, loops, sequencers, delay effects, etc, to make music. I can see making decent electronic music with this, but I’m still learning. I’m also experimenting with NodeBeat (fun and easy to use but creatively limited) and SPC (looks like a loop sequencer mostly but I haven’t spent much time with this one). I’ll probably write more on these later after I’ve had a chance to use them some more. Maybe even post some MP3s.