Twinkle Elf UNION YES album – download MP3s

Twinkle Elf, from Chicago, has elements of electronic, industrial, and
gothic. Elements of dance and hip-hop. Splashes of bleep noise, distant
guitars, retro/gooey basses, snippets of funk or film music, old techno
drum machines, hip-hip beats rumbling out of cars.

Download the MP3s from the album, UNION YES.

Twinkle Elf – 01 – A Very Special Toy

Twinkle Elf – 02 – SH3

Twinkle Elf – 03 – Bomore

Twinkle Elf – 04 – NAGC (v2)

Twinkle Elf – 05 – Super String (Spoon Revision Chicago Version)

Twinkle Elf – 06 – interlude1

Twinkle Elf – 07 – Well Well Well

Twinkle Elf – 08 – interlude2

Twinkle Elf – 09 – Would not could not in the dark

Twinkle Elf – 10 – Skin

Twinkle Elf – 11 – CMIX

Twinkle ElfUNION YES Playlist

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