Podcastamatic v1.3 released

Podcastamatic automates the creation of a webpage and a RSS feed for your podcast, based on MP3 tags. A webpage can either be automatically generated from scratch or generated from a template you create. Podcastamatic is highly customizable.

The new Podcastamatic release (v1.3) supports iTunes tags and now reads mp4/m4a/m4p in addition to mp3 audio files. Get it here.



  • Added support for MP4 (mp4, m4a, m4p) files. Requires Perl module “MP4::Info”.
  • Added support for iTunes “Explicit” tag. If you are using iTunes support you must now configure “iTunesExplicit” as “yes”, “no”, or “undefined”.
  • Added support for different sort orders.
  • If there is no MP3/MP4 “Title” tag then the filename is now used (was blank).
  • Fixed warning if there is no tag field is empty.

Podcastamatic v0.3 released

Get it here. Introduced HTML template feature and several bug fixes. Output now highly customizable.


  • Thanks to Craig Meyer for Mac OSX instructions to install MP3::Info.
  • Fixed XML description tag; now validates at http://feedvalidator.org/ Thanks to Ed at NIMIQ and Victor Cosby for their help in this.
  • added “header” CSS id to HTML output
  • new configuration item to HTML output: AdditionalHTML (optional) allows you to add additional HTML code to the generated HTML file
  • added “generated by” tagline to HTML output, uses CSS “classgeneratedby”
  • Made “No audio files found” error more verbose (thanks to Brian Hefferan)
  • Encodes spaces in URLs correctly (urlencode routine thanks to Brian Hefferan)
  • Tweaked HTML output so it is now valid HTML 4.01 Strict. Validates at http://validator.w3.org/
  • Added “Templates” feature. Added config items “UseTemplateForHTML” and “TemplateFile”. See docs for usage.

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