BuzzPerl 0.2 released

BuzzPerl 0.2 has been released and is available for download at Sourceforge. BuzzPerl is used to read, write, and manipulate Jeskola Buzz files from Perl. (Jeskola Buzz is a high quality free modular music sequencer and synthesizer software for Win32.) Intended use is for algorithmic music composition, but could be used by anyone who wants to compose music from Perl.


READ BUZZ FILES: WORKING. All data from the Buzz file is represented as a hash in Perl. Machines, Patterns, etc, can be referenced (i.e. It’s not just a raw data load– data is unpacked).

WRITE BUZZ FILES: WORKING. Data from the hash is packed properly before being written to the file. This was fixed since v0.1.

DUMP BUZZ FILES: WORKING. Now part of Set my $debug=1; to do a nice dump of all the buzz file data (i.e. Lists out all machines, their parameters, all pattern data, etc)

MANIPULATE BUZZ DATA: WORKING. The data from the Buzz file is represented internally as a Perl hash. You can create patterns from scratch from within Perl. See sub changepatt for an example on how to do this.

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