iTunes script to set ExcludeFromShuffle and RememberBookmark

I was kind of irked that iTunes makes it a pain to make ripped audiobooks behave properly. It irked me that audiobooks showed up in shuffle and wouldn’t keep a bookmark like ITMS audiobooks. Then I found in iTunes 6.02 the checkboxes to fix this. Nice, but I’ve got a bunch of audiobooks now and to go back and click all those boxes… anyway check out this javascript I wrote: It is for Windows and iTunes 6.02 or higher, any track with genre “Audiobooks”, “Audiobook”, “Talk Radio”, or “Podcast” will be set as “Remember Bookmark” and “Exclude From Shuffle”. Use at your own risk.


  1. Kim

    Once again, you are my programming hero. I am sure this will impact me directly! Thanks.

  2. Well, what it means is that when you put your ipod into “shuffle” you won’t hear chapter 13 of “The Story of the World”.

  3. Todd

    Wow! Just what I needed! I keep my kids’ music on my iPod and at Work I always have to stay near the fast forward button when listening to my tunes. I can use this to get the childrens music out of my general music shuffle. So cool. So cool.

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