Plus-Tech Squeeze Box

plustech_prof.gifCrazy fun electronic/punk/cartoon/8 bit game music. Plus-Tech Squeeze Box is an electronc band, and according to the Wikipedia page, they are of the Japanese genre “picopop“… bleepy electropop. Of course I love that. I’ve found some excerpts from the CDs on their website. Amazon and CD Universe lists their “Cartoom!” CD as a > $30 import. Gah. Anyway, check ’em out. (via Comfort Music)


  1. I love the Cascading Style new Cascading Style header graphic with its Cascading Style. And I am proud to be one of four people that will actually get the joke.

  2. So I’m seeing you like bands with two dorky guys and a chick singer. So maybe we need to find a chick singer.

  3. Kim

    I got one for ya. She’s a little bit short but she likes to belt them out.

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