A virus called Morphine

Ung. I spent 3 hours today fighting Morphine. Once infected, here’s what you’ve got to do.

If tskdbg or winhlpp32 is in the running processes, end it. (If you can’t end it, you might have to find kill.exe on the web.) Update your virus definitions (McAfee 4362 is good)– but you still have to eliminate the infection, even if you have up-to-date virus definitions. It seems that McAfee won’t clean an active infection. Find all mentions of “tskdbg” and “winhlpp32” in the registry. In Regedit, select “My Computer”, click Edit > Find, and search for each of those strings. The virus hides them in Run or RunOnce or Service or Internet Explorer Bar. Delete these entries. There might be several. VirusScan the PC. You might find a QHosts virus, which McAfee can clean. Reboot, and scan again.