Firefox doesn’t display images!

Arg, I’ve figured it out: in case anyone else runs into this. My problem was with Adblock Plus. The EasyList filter subscription included a “*” in the filter, filtering out ALL images. If your Firefox isn’t showing images and you have Adblock, look in Adblock Options for the “*” (solo). To fix it, disable that “*” filter by clicking the green Enabled ball. (A checkbox would be more logical, but whatever.) Other troubleshooting, try disabling Adblock and/or all extensions to see if that is the problem.

UPDATE (Feb 24, 2007): If you are using parental control software (Cybersitter for example) see rick752’s comment below, he says that Cybersitter (and maybe others) corrupt Adblock Plus filters, and suggests whitelisting in the parental control software, see his comment for details.

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  1. FF ver 3.6.8 in Windows 7 had the ‘no image’ problem after the latest update. The fix from post 18 was the answer. “Load images automatically” was checked with no listings in exceptions. Click “block” and exit back to options. Click exceptions again, this time click “allow”, and problem solved!

  2. It’s been a while but…THANKS Bob (10), you solved the prob for me. I had forward-slashes. Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Had the same problem and found this blog.

    Turns out I had several version of JRE enabled on my pc. I used the java consloe in Control Panel to disable all but the latest. Now all the pics in Firefox load w/ no problem.

  4. I don’t know where to ask this question, so I will try here! I have a problem which I believe stems from Apache’s Mod_rewrite function, found in the .htaccess file. That is IE works just fine for all of my sites but on one of my sites,, only the index.php site loads from the Internet. Third party links in that file work fine, but with Firefox, my own links try to load from local drive. Others using FF have the same problem with this site, so it is not my PC. Any ideas? Copying a .htaccess from a different site, even after changing obviously site-specific lines, only made it worse…as did deleting or renaming .htaccess. Driving me crazy!

  5. Thanks for this — I disabled Adblock Plus for my test server, and my images came through. Thank you!

  6. They are a for profit company (big profits)–why should I have to fix their problems if they’re not willing to? They only respond to the wallet, so I’ll just find another browser.

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