iTunes 5 problems

I installed iTunes 5 on my Windows 2000 PC, upgrading from iTunes 4.9. The upgrade killed all my podcast subscriptions. While installing, iTunes said my library was damaged, but my music does show up. It looks like it is all there.

Also, the upgrade damaged some of my smart playlists. Any rule in a smart playlist that references another playlist is damaged, so in addition to adding back podcast subscriptions, I have to fix many of the smart playlists.

Upgrade at your own risk!

UPDATE: Two more problems.
1) iPodder no longer talks to iTunes. So that means the podcasts that iPodder downloads is not updated in iTunes. Makes iPodder useless. I bet Apple changed the API.
2) iTunes doesn’t recognize either of our iPods, so we had to reload everything back to the iPods.

2 thoughts on “iTunes 5 problems”

  1. This is shit. I installed iTunes 5 and all my playlists have gone. I’ve been working for almost a year to create some decent playlists, little by little and now it’s gone! WHAAAAAA! Also, I had to import all songs again from my harddrive into the program, since it didn’t show anything.

  2. I always updated my itunes without any problems..
    But now.. my librairy was empty..o.k. I can fix that by reimporting it, but all of my 250 playlist [every playlist represents an imported cd] were gone! So I probably end up recreating those bit by bit ? Despite the fact itunes is no longer in English.
    Twelve months of customising is gone..
    Update your update quick, Apple!!!

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