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  1. Hey, this one popped up but it’s a real school, it’s where I got my network engineer certification: The Quickly School of Tiny Education.
    Dude, know where I can find a novel generator ? I sure could use one.

  2. I need a name for a vocational school that focuses on computer education and another name for a vocational school that would focus on health care classes.
    Any ideas?

  3. Thanks! We were having a hard time naming our home school. Welcome The Big Institute of Tremendous Education! Otherwise known as The B.I.T.E. (funny that our mascot that the kids came up with was already a shark!)

  4. wow… my fav was “The Deep Military school of Fortune People”

    Here are my other favs… I’m laugh crying

    The Practical Institute of Refundable Children

    The Revolutionary Finishing School of Gigantic Children

    The Limited Finishing School of Weird Children

    The Outrageous Prep School of Tested People

    The Radical Preparatory of Damp People

    The Amiable Prep School of Fanciful Education

    The Revealing Preparatory of Dusty Education

    The Revolutionary Academy of Spotted People

    The Crammed Academy of Hollow Education

    The Wide School of Mimic People

    The Discount Boarding School of Beautiful People


  5. I dibs The Professional Finishing School of Freaky Education, the Tremendous Finishing School of Surprise Education, the Lucky Institute

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