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So you are writing the Great American Novel and need some character names? My Random Name Generator will take care of that for you. Generates American names, 10 at a time. Press “New Results” for 10 more. My generator is a modification of RandListGen.

8 thoughts on “Random Name Generator”

  1. so do you have probability stats on how many tries it takes to randomly generate your own name?
    although Jesus Baker Jr kicks butt my favorite so far is guadalupe eaton.
    hey, this would have come in handy when choosing our kids names, gina hated my suggestions like sailor jack for ian and nixie for emily.

  2. Calculating stats for generating you own name might be a little difficult, because the chance of an individual name coming up are weighted based on frequency in the US population. So… it wouldn’t be as simple as dividing the number of names into 10.

  3. so, what’s with guadalupe? it seemed to come up more often than any other name. hmmm,this wouldn’t by chance be a programmer’s liberty taken because of your affection for mayo smeared ears of corn on sticks covered with chili powder and cheese, would it?

  4. ok last post about this rng. today campbell is the name du jour. 24 tries and it came up about 5 times….anyhow, i’m changing my name to a freshly generated one. so, whenever i’m playing or recording with my new band, the lincoln death train, i’ll be known as dustin ford.

  5. Well, here’s the deal. Like I wrote before names are weighted based on frequency, But “Guadalupe” isn’t even close to the top of the list. It’s just random chance. If you throw dice long enough, you’ll come up with a string of sixes. You gave me an idea, maybe my next generator should be a random band generator?

  6. Or how about these for band names: “Corpse Panda Story” or “Hell Fate”???? These are from “Anime Series” (generator) From Abulafia Random Generators URL is http://www.random-generator.com/index.php?title=Anime_Series

    Ultimate Fist ~Dark Detective-chan~
    Hell Fate
    Honobono Trinity ~Cruiser Legend~
    Code Sakura September
    Corpse Panda Story
    Pumpkin Hero Panda
    Red Demon Galaxy
    Grave Princess
    Future Gun UFO: Grappler the Dash
    Crisis Quest TV
    Bamboo Doctor
    Powerful Ninja
    Utopia Paranoia Automaton
    Idol-chan Saint Love
    Moon X Marmalade

  7. the anime series name list reads like F.Zappa’s offspring name choices….Utopia Paranoia Automaton Zappa. i can see it….

    the lincoln death train by the way, actually has historical significance. supposedly it’s a ghost apparition that makes it’s way north annually on the anniversary of the funeral train trip that brought abe’s body to it’s final resting place. it passes through some rural town in new york complete with skeletal orchestra blasting a dirge. we’re a psych-drone-doom metal hybrid that exists, as most of my finest projects, in my imagination…pity the fool that trespasses there…

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