How to Create an API Token for Proxmox VE

“Proxmox Virtual Environment is a complete, open-source server management platform for enterprise virtualization. It tightly integrates the KVM hypervisor and Linux Containers (LXC), software-defined storage and networking functionality, on a single platform. With the integrated web-based user interface you can manage VMs and containers, high availability for clusters, or the integrated disaster recovery tools with ease.” from

You can authenticate to the Proxmox API using a user/password or using an API token. An API token is useful because it let’s you fine tune permissions to the task at hand, and if you need to revoke a token, it won’t impact the user that it’s associated with. Also, I liked the simplicity of using the same authentication header with each API call. With user/password authentication, I didn’t want to manage a ticket cookie over multiple API calls.

This blog post documents how to create an API token.

  1. Go to Datacenter > Permissions > Groups
    • Click the Create button to create a new group, call it for example “provisioning”
  2. Go to Datacenter > Permissions > Users
    • Click the Create button to create a new user
    • User name: for example “provisioner”
    • Realm: “Proxmox VE authentication server” (or you can select “Linux” but you will need to set the password on the Linux command line)
    • Group: select the group you created earlier
    • Click Add
  3. Go to Datacenter > Permissions
    • This will set permissions for the group, click Add
    • Path: To allow the permissions to be applied anywhere in Proxmox, select “/”, or to refine where they get applied, select that specific path.
    • Select Role, for example “Administrator”, or a more restrictive role depending on what you intend to do.
  4. Go to Datacenter > Permissions > API Tokens, to create the actual token
    • Click Add
    • Select the User you created above
    • Token ID: Type a name for the token, for example “prov”
    • When you click Add, the Token Secret will be displayed. It will only be displayed once, at creation, so copy it to a secure location. It is a string in the form of 36 random-ish characters.

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