Podcastamatic v1.3 released

Podcastamatic automates the creation of a webpage and a RSS feed for your podcast, based on MP3 tags. A webpage can either be automatically generated from scratch or generated from a template you create. Podcastamatic is highly customizable.

The new Podcastamatic release (v1.3) supports iTunes tags and now reads mp4/m4a/m4p in addition to mp3 audio files. Get it here.



  • Added support for MP4 (mp4, m4a, m4p) files. Requires Perl module “MP4::Info”.
  • Added support for iTunes “Explicit” tag. If you are using iTunes support you must now configure “iTunesExplicit” as “yes”, “no”, or “undefined”.
  • Added support for different sort orders.
  • If there is no MP3/MP4 “Title” tag then the filename is now used (was blank).
  • Fixed warning if there is no tag field is empty.

Apple or PC?

If you have read Kim’s tale of computer woe, you know we are looking for a new computer. I don’t want to launch a holy war of PC vs Apple, but what about a Mac Mini? I don’t know much about Apple hardware. The main requirements that we have are able to do our podcasts (good quality sound in/out, edit 1 – 2 hours audio without bogging down, affordable software to do so) play some games (good video card… Sims 2 for Fi and ? for me I like FPS). I can get a Dell for about the same price (I get a discount) and I’m certified with Dell equipment, so I know it can do what I want and I know I can upgrade. The thing is, I’m pretty sure the Mini can’t be upgraded (except for memory?) … I ‘spose if I want an upgradable Mac I gotta go with the G5 which starts at USD$1300. Too much when compared to PCs. Any suggestions?

iTunes 5 problems

I installed iTunes 5 on my Windows 2000 PC, upgrading from iTunes 4.9. The upgrade killed all my podcast subscriptions. While installing, iTunes said my library was damaged, but my music does show up. It looks like it is all there.

Also, the upgrade damaged some of my smart playlists. Any rule in a smart playlist that references another playlist is damaged, so in addition to adding back podcast subscriptions, I have to fix many of the smart playlists.

Upgrade at your own risk!

UPDATE: Two more problems.
1) iPodder no longer talks to iTunes. So that means the podcasts that iPodder downloads is not updated in iTunes. Makes iPodder useless. I bet Apple changed the API.
2) iTunes doesn’t recognize either of our iPods, so we had to reload everything back to the iPods.

Converting RAM (streaming Real audio) to MP3

What is RAM2MP3?

RAM2MP3 is a command line script (for Windows PC) that helps convert Real Media streams to MP3, so you can listen to the converted audio anywhere you can listed to MP3s, for example on your iPod. It is really just a short script that ties together 2 programs, Mplayer (to download the Real Audio to your PC) and LAME (to convert the audio to an MP3). (Please note I am not taking credit for writing this software, I am merely tying together 2 packages and simplyfing the conversion process with a small script.)

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Podcastamatic v0.3 released

Get it here. Introduced HTML template feature and several bug fixes. Output now highly customizable.


  • Thanks to Craig Meyer for Mac OSX instructions to install MP3::Info.
  • Fixed XML description tag; now validates at http://feedvalidator.org/ Thanks to Ed at NIMIQ and Victor Cosby for their help in this.
  • added “header” CSS id to HTML output
  • new configuration item to HTML output: AdditionalHTML (optional) allows you to add additional HTML code to the generated HTML file
  • added “generated by” tagline to HTML output, uses CSS “classgeneratedby”
  • Made “No audio files found” error more verbose (thanks to Brian Hefferan)
  • Encodes spaces in URLs correctly (urlencode routine thanks to Brian Hefferan)
  • Tweaked HTML output so it is now valid HTML 4.01 Strict. Validates at http://validator.w3.org/
  • Added “Templates” feature. Added config items “UseTemplateForHTML” and “TemplateFile”. See docs for usage.

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Podcastamatic generates a HTML webpage and a RSS feed for your
podcast/audioblog, based on MP3s tags. Uses Perl. Webpage:
The title, a description, a blurb, and a link to the RSS
feed are at the top of the page, and for each MP3, the
title, comments, a link to the MP3, and running time are
included. RSS feed: XML file that is required to be listed
in most popular podcast directories.

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